All About The Monroe Piercing

Piercing has been an age old tradition. The Queens of the olden times also got their ears pierced. Today, there has been a revolution in piercing. There is piercing of the lips, the nose, the eyebrow etc. This has become the latest trend in the fashion industry. With piercing gaining popularity, many types of piercing have come up. The major one is the Monroe piercing which is also known as the Madonna or Crawford piercing and is named after Marilyn Monroe, Madonna and Cindy Crawford because it is located in the same area as their beauty marks. The Monroe piercing is located above the upper lip. The Monroe piercing is been done with the help of the labret stud. If a black rounded stud is worn at this piercing it would definitely look very unique and extraordinary. If you wear a sparkling gem, then it would just seem that you are having a star on your face.

The basic advantage of the Monroe piercing is that it heals faster than the other piercings. As there are a number of enzymes in your mouth that can easily kill the bacteria so the chances of getting infection are really very less. It is believed that after getting the Monroe piercing you can get some swelling. You can lessen your pain by putting some ice inside your mouth or by even eating an ice-cream, frozen yoghourt etc. For the more severe pain you can even take some Ibuprofen.

Your pierced area may secrete a yellowish fluid consisting of dead cells and blood plasma. Don’t worry it is a common symptom after any sort of wound or piercing that the body suffers. After this fluid has dried, it will leave a crusty substance on the surface of the area that was pierced. Make sure you brush it off using a soft bristle toothbrush. If there is an occurrence of the same layer on the skin above your upper lip then it can be washed off with warm water or ant anti-bacterial soap.

The Monroe piercing can actually act wonders for you if you are careful throughout your healing process. Don’t forget to visit the dentist after getting the Monroe piercing.

By: Shipra kaul

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